Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life – Valuetainment

This is a great interview between Patrick Bet-David (entrepreneur & creator of Valuetainment)  and Michael Franzese (former Capo in Colombo family & highest paid mafia boss). 5+million views on YouTube.

Patrick Bet-David is a really inspiring entrepreneur who’s been putting out tons of great content for a while now. Follow him:


Facebook – Patrick Bet-David

Twitter – @patrickbetdavid

Instagram – @patrickbetdavid

YouTube – Valuetainment

You can follow Michael Franzese who sounds like he’s got some interesting projects coming up.


Facebook – Michael Franzese

Instagram – @mjfranzese

Twitter – @MichaelFranzese


Leaders are Readers…

Read Michael Franzese’s book below:


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