Learning from the great ancients – Scott Hambrick in conversation with Ryan Michler on the ‘Order of Man’ podcast.

‘We all have access to the world’s greatest minds, philosophies, experiments, and ideas. All it takes for us to tap into these is to crack open what my guest refers to as a Great Book, and unlock the lost thoughts, ideas, and secrets to a successful life.

Today I am joined by Scott Hambrick, founder of Online Great Books, to talk about how best to tap into these great ancient works, how to extract the most value from them, where to start when learning about ancient literature and philosophy, the benefits of reading the classics, and what you can learn from the great ancients.

My guest today is Scott Hambrick, he is the founder of Online Great Books and a certified Starting Strength Coach.

He’s also an avid reader (which you’ll hear from our conversation together) and a practitioner of the Socratic Method (which you’ll hear him walk through with me during this conversation).

Through his work with Online Great Books, Scott is working to reintroduce tens of thousands of men to the great books of the western world.’ – Ryan Michler

Listen to the podcast by clicking below.

Clic here to go to the site and find out more about the great work that ‘Order of Man’ and ‘Online Great Books’ are doing.





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